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The McCormick Group celebrated its 42nd year at the 2016 Ringer Awards on Wednesday, November 2nd. The evening reception, which took place at RPM Italian, was an event to recognize outstanding achievement from the previous year.

Awards bestowed to members of The McCormick Group team included individual and corporate awards, including the Outstanding Performance Award, Manager’s Club, Superstar Club, Retainer Salesperson of the Year, Multiple Placement AE, AE of the Year, and Robert J. Ringer Award. For a full list of the awards and winners, see below.

Thank you to everyone who made the event possible!

Individual Awards

Oustanding Performance

  • Ivan Adler
  • Adrian Edwards
  • John Hesse
  • Tim Horgan
  • Susy Howard
  • Elizabeth Humphrey
  • Nicolette Hurd
  • Kathleen Lintvet
  • Steve Nelson
  • Deborah Page
  • Dave Ris
  • Paul Rothenburg
  • Linda Segal
  • Tim Ward

Manager’s Club

  • Nicolette Hurd

Superstar Club

  • John Hesse
  • Tim Horgan

Corporate Awards

Retainer Salesperson of the Year: Paul Rothenburg

Multiple Placement AE: Adrian Edwards

AE of the Year: Adrian Edwards

Robert J. Ringer Award: Alexandra Tran


The McCormick Group is a national executive search consulting firm that since 1974 has delivered high-qualified candidates to fill key positions across a diverse range of industries and all functional disciplines.

As the largest executive search firm based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, The McCormick Group has superior knowledge of federal Washington and its impact on the nation’s business community and non-profit sector.