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Career Opportunities

Candidates often have more at stake than anyone when considering career opportunities. From the initial contact all the way through the interview process, The McCormick Group considers those interests as paramount. Using strict confidentiality, our methodology stresses the interests of candidates, whether it is in the preparation for interviews, the feedback after interviews, or in the negotiation of offers. And, when there is bad news, we are not afraid to communicate it, but we do it in a way that is courteous, professional, and constructive.

We provide a unique approach in representing candidates who wish to consider multiple opportunities.

The McCormick Group provides representation to select candidates who are interested in multiple opportunities in the marketplace. Our candidate representation process, which is conducted in strict confidentiality, utilizes much of the same comprehensive methodology we use when conducting searches for our employer clients. In all instances, The McCormick Group’s fees are paid directly by the employer.

  • We assist in the preparation of a resume and additional materials, including business plans.
  • We develop an organized job search strategy, one which taps into The McCormick Group’s in-depth market knowledge.
  • We interview references to elicit information to be used proactively in the job search.
  • We present a candidate’s credentials, on a discreet basis, to selected employers.
  • We schedule interviews so that all options can be considered as part of an integrated strategy.
  • We prepare the candidate in advance of all interviews and review the particulars of the employer, the opportunity, and interview strategy.
  • We gather post-interview feedback so potential hurdles can be addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • We negotiate all employment terms, including compensation, benefits, and those items of particular interest to the candidate.
  • We help the candidate establish a job exit strategy, including preparation of resignation letters.
  • We follow up throughout the transition process to ensure complete integration into the organization.

Please email us via our Contact page with any questions regarding candidate representation.