What We Do

The McCormick Group is a Forbes ranked executive search consulting firm.

We partner with organizations to understand and define their vision of what a new hire must accomplish to be successful. We take a comprehensive approach to source, find, and evaluate talent. Finally, we execute the job offer, negotiation, and acceptance.

We connect with candidates to discover their motivations for a career change. We learn what their expertise and abilities are and how it may solve our client’s needs. We prep for interview, provide feedback, and ease steps during offer and acceptance. 

We facilitate the entire hiring process for both sides. The best outcomes occur when the fit is right for both the employer and employee.

“The McCormick Group is a trusted partner to Peterson Cos. For more than thirty years they have filled key strategic leadership positions with high-level performers who have contributed to our growth. Our success over the decades is directly tied to our employees and The McCormick Group continues to give us an advantage.”

Milt Peterson, Peterson Companies

Our History

The McCormick Group Beginnings

In 1974, Bill McCormick founded The McCormick Group with the belief that delivering executive search services better than others in the business would be rewarded by the market. He emphasized training for account executives at all levels of experience.

The McCormick Group was initially established as Management Recruiters of Arlington, Inc., a franchise of Management Recruiters International (MRI). During this stage of existence, The McCormick Group added well-known trainers and grew in size and scope. The McCormick Group emerged as a separate company in 1981.

The McCormick Group Growth

The McCormick Group today is the largest independent, Washington, DC-based executive search firm and has been ranked as one of the top 25 largest executive search firms in the country based on revenue. Our commitment to outstanding client service is the chief reason for the firm’s continued growth and financial success.

Since inception, The McCormick Group has generated more than $140 million in fee revenues and completed over 8,000 successful placements.

The McCormick Group Today

Today the firm’s culture is deeply rooted in two core beliefs: a successful deal is one that offers an attractive return for all parties involved, and training and encouragement are of critical importance.

Bill, who is still actively engaged in the management and direction of The McCormick Group, champions ethics and integrity in relationships with employers and candidates alike.

The firm will continue to deliver top talent and consider the job done when we have achieved the right fit between candidate and employer.

Commitment to Diversity

The McCormick Group has a strong commitment to diversity. Throughout its history, The McCormick Group has had an exemplary record in hiring and promoting minorities and women in both recruiting and other high-level positions within the company.

Women, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, and members of the LGBT community are an integral, but often underrepresented part of the workforce. A commitment to diversity promotes positive change in creating a workforce that conforms to the increasingly complex and international environment in which both businesses and nonprofits operate today.

The McCormick Group strives to provide a diverse slate of candidates for every search it conducts. The company has a strict policy against discriminating in the screening or submission of candidates based on race, sex, gender, gender identity, national origin, color, disability, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, religion, or any other status protected by law.