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Legal Consulting

Nothing is more challenging for law firms as bringing in top talent at the partner level. Recent surveys conducted by the Citi Private Law Firm Group and Lexis-Nexis indicate that a large number of managing partners question the overall efficacy of such efforts.

The McCormick Group has developed a consulting program to provide clients the framework to change the game with regard to their lateral partner hiring strategy. The McCormick Group provides a suite of services designed to help firms establish or fine-tune their lateral partner recruiting program so that long-term success can be achieved. Some of those include:

Market Perception Surveys

Using our broad and deep connections in the legal industry, The McCormick Group has conducted surveys to determine the perception of firms in the market. We use a unique survey methodology so that the firm’s identity remains confidential.

Case Development

The McCormick Group works with firms to develop the most compelling case for potential laterals in specific practices and provides help in crafting responses to probable questions and concerns.

Practice Area and Industry Analysis

Utilizing a comprehensive competitive analysis of particular practice areas or industry groups, The McCormick Group determines those that best fit the current practice strengths and client base of the firm and those that have the greatest potential for recruiting success.

Merger Planning

The McCormick Group advises firms on whether to consider a merger with another firm, and uses its unparalleled knowledge of the market to select and qualify options.

Data Metrics and Competitive Recruiting Intelligence

The McCormick Group has the research capability to enable firms to better target and evaluate potential lateral partner candidates. The McCormick Group also helps firms to discover new methodologies to glean valuable information on potential laterals and to understand the vehicles available to them directly. Finally, The McCormick Group works with firms to evaluate how well they have performed in the lateral market.

Process Management

The McCormick Group works with firms to ensure that their processes are directed at attracting the best candidates for their strategic growth objectives. We partner with the firm’s management, office and practice group leadership, and recruiting departments to develop and maintain an effective partner hiring process. Specific assignments include an audit of a firm’s recruitment process (including data metrics) and providing best practices on the assessment and due diligence of candidates.

Search Firm Engagement

The McCormick Group advises firms on their relationships with outside search and agency professionals to enhance the potential for referrals. The McCormick Group assists firms in evaluating the range of services available, helps to develop materials to best position the firm, and strategizes approaches to effectively engage specific firms or the industry more broadly.

Lateral Partner Integration

The McCormick Group works with firms to craft an onboarding and integration program that capitalizes on the potential of the new partner’s relationships and expertise and helps guarantee a successful lateral hire.

Consulting Assignments

  • Consulting advice to several large law firms seeking to expand their D.C. offices
  • Consulting advice to a West Coast law firm considering a new practice area
  • Market Study for an AmLaw 50 firm to assess its perception in the DC market
  • Strategic consulting to various law firms considering merger options
  • Development of business plans for multiple attorneys at a large national law firm
  • Transition counseling to various partners, associates, and in-house counsel who are departing from their respective positions
  • Consulting advice to a West Coast law firm looking to expand its D.C. office
  • Consulting advice to AmLaw 50 law firm focusing on practice area expansion

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