David Ris

I am a Principal with The McCormick Group, perennially ranked by the National Law Journal as one of the top legal executive search firms in the Washington DC area. My specialties are Legal and Government Relations.  I conduct retained and contingency searches for law and lobby firms, consulting firms, corporations and trade associations.  I also represent- candidates, with a particular specialty in assisting senior level government officials as they transition into the private sector.

I have represented a former Senior Counsel on the House Financial Services Committee, Deputy Assistant Secretary from Treasury’s Office of International Affairs, Branch Chief from SEC’s Division of Enforcement, Senior Litigation Counsel from Justice Tax Division, International Tax Counsel from Treasury, Chief Tax Counsel on Senate Finance Committee, Commissioner from the Federal Communications Commission, a Counsel from the Senate Commerce Committee, and a Ways & Means Committee Chief Tax Counsel.

I do not rely on job boards or advertising for assignments.  Instead I rely on direct contact, developing long-term relationships with candidates and employers.

I see the executive search and human capitol worlds both from my training at McCormick Group and from Corporate Executive roles.   Prior to joining The McCormick Group, I was a sales and marketing executive in the high tech marketplace; responsible for directing business development initiatives with Nextel, Palm Computing, and MCI.   I am a graduate of Tulane University.

The Talent Transitions podcast is a forum for my guests to discuss opportunities, challenges and strategies government officials can use while preparing for the next phase of their career.


Government Affairs



Please check out our new podcast series, entitled “Talent Transitions”, featuring perspectives and interviews about talent management and recruiting in the legal industry.


Episode 1: Transitioning from Government

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