David Ris
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David specializes in searching the legal and government affairs areas. He is known for the organized approach he takes in completing engagements. His commitment to matching employers and candidates is closely related to his interest in learning from each placement experience.

David conducts searches for lawyers both in private practice and in corporations. One focus of his practice is on searches for public affairs professionals, particularly those in the tax area. In addition, David represents candidates and enjoys helping lawyers and lobbyists find the perfect positions. Representative engagements include: placing a high ranking Senate Finance Committee staffer at a high profile law firm, placing a senior SEC official at a law firm, and placing a communications law partner from a boutique at a larger full-service firm.

Prior to The McCormick Group, David was a sales and marketing executive in the high tech marketplace. He was responsible for directing successful business development initiatives with Nextel, Palm Computing, and MCI.

David received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Tulane University. He is a freelance photographer for local media, covering sports and community events. David volunteers with Golden Retriever Rescue Education and Training (GRREAT) and donates his time and photography skills to local high schools. Born and raised in Montgomery County, MD, he is an avid golfer and woodworker.

Government Affairs




Please check out our new podcast series, entitled “Talent Transitions”, featuring perspectives and interviews about talent management and recruiting in the legal industry.

In our initial podcast, Dave Ris interviews a lawyer who recounts her series of career moves, sometimes with a recruiter, sometimes without, culminating in a position with a preeminent firm in D.C.