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Not-for-profit organizations are growing in number and size. Meanwhile, there is an emphasis on operating smarter and leaner. The biggest challenge for organizations from large to small is leveraging limited financial resources to more efficiently and effectively fulfill missions on behalf of constituents.

Our search consultants, who are all actively involved in the community, understand that a not-for-profit organization thrives when it furthers its mission, develops the business and leadership skills of the staff, and establishes a strong fundraising platform. Our clients include foundations, social service agencies, education organizations, and other community-based not-for-profits. We conduct searches for all senior leadership professionals, such as Presidents, CEOs, Executive Directors, and finance and development specialists.

At The McCormick Group, we partner with our clients and work collaboratively with their boards of directors to identify and recruit talented professionals who help organizations address key areas. We also offer expertise in succession planning to ensure continuity and to facilitate transition from one leader to another. The McCormick Group, after hundreds of successful engagements, has the ability to find the right person to help an organization serve the community even better than before.


Associations are more often aligned with business and industry issues. We understand that representing membership, advancing industry concerns, and impacting decisions that are made largely in Washington, DC are some of the factors driving associations. The McCormick Group, with headquarters in the Washington, DC area, is well positioned to help association executives and boards of directors hire staff members and leaders who are the top talent in the association world.

Clients range from small associations to large national entities. We conduct searches for senior leadership professionals, such as chief executive officers, presidents, chief financial officers, and other functional specialists. In addition to executive search services, we offer a variety of consulting services, including strategic planning, compensation analysis, and organizational development.

Representative Placements


  • President and Chief Executive Officer for an organization committed to expanding and improving educational options in Washington, DC
  • President and Chief Executive Officer for a national non-profit dedicated to finding effective treatments and a cure for a debilitating neurological disease
  • President and Chief Executive Officer for a Business Improvement District
  • Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving for the largest private social service organization in the Washington, DC area
  • Executive Director for the philanthropic subsidiary of a professional sports franchise
  • Senior Program Officer for a $300 million community foundation
  • Chief of International Operations for a global provider of employment and training services
  • Vice President of Development for a foundation supporting world class concerts, performing arts programs, literary lectures, and events
  • Chief Financial Officer for one of the largest philanthropic foundations in the United States
  • Director of Communications for a $700 million foundation promoting first amendment freedoms


  • Five Directors, including a Director of Communications, and a Manager for a century-old regional association of 1,300 companies and 10,000 executives
  • President and Chief Executive Officer of a 900-member national trade association for architectural and construction service providers
  • President for a leading industry trade association
  • Chief Operating Officer, two Vice Presidents, and a Director of Membership for a 70,000 member association dedicated to workplace learning
  • Senior Vice President of Finance and Senior Vice President of Business Development for the world’s largest retail trade association
  • Director of Marketing for a 10,000-member international association for improving productivity in the workplace
  • Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for the nation’s largest health associations providing research, information, and advocacy
  • Executive Director for an international healthcare association
  • Executive Director for the foundation of a national healthcare association
  • Executive Director for a national building industry trade association
  • Vice President for Communications and Vice President for Marketing for a national community-based fundraising association
  • Vice President for Federal Affairs and Vice President for Medicare Operations for a national healthcare trade association
  • Vice President for Government Affairs, Vice President for Membership and Client Relations, and Vice President for Education for a national real estate trade association
  • Deputy Director for a prominent Washington, DC-based think tank

Our Consultants

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Managing Principal
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