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Executive Management

Companies and organizations in today’s competitive, global economy need sophisticated, experienced, and dynamic leaders. The McCormick Group is expert at identifying and recruiting talented senior executives for top leadership roles. We understand that finding the right leader begins with an understanding of the position, the organization, and the market. Our consultative approach enables us to help our clients find the leadership they need and navigate a smooth transition.

Clients include local to international public and private corporations, not-for-profit organizations, associations, and foundations. Representative engagements are all positions in the executive suite, such as chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief information officer and chief financial officer. We also offer candidate representation for other select high-level individuals. After more than 41 years, The McCormick Group has a long track record of success in delivering top candidates and facilitating changes in executive management.

Board Services

From large to small, public to private organizations have a vital need for boards of directors that are strong, independent, and well-balanced. The McCormick Group addresses the critical issues of corporate governance by helping our clients manage board selection and development. We offer end-to-end board development services, including building boards of directors and advisory boards, establishing positive interaction between boards and management, conducting assessments and evaluations, and planning for succession.

Our clients include public and private corporations, not-for-profit organizations, associations, and foundations. We conduct searches for board and advisory board members and provide a wide range of consulting services. The McCormick Group, a pioneer in executive search services, helps clients excel by successfully leveraging their boards of directors and advisory boards.

Representative Placements

  • Chief Operating Officer for a major regional mid-Atlantic hospital
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for a national detention and correctional facility management company
  • President for the design division of a major East Coast leader in planning, design, and program management
  • Chief Financial Officer for a Washington, DC-based university
  • Chief Technology Officer for the technology division of a Fortune 100 defense contractor
  • Chief Executive Officers for three regional biotechnology companies
  • Chief Financial Officer for the nation’s passenger rail system corporation
  • Chief Operating Officer for one of Washington, DC’s major investment firms
  • Multiple Presidents and Executive Directors for the Washington, DC region’s leading associations and not-for-profit organizations
  • Executive Director of a regional economic development authority
  • Chief Marketing Officer for a national law firm
  • Chief Information Officer for a major national association
  • Chief Executive Officer for a mid-size government contractor
  • President and Chief Executive Officer for an international development company
  • Senior Vice President for a leading information systems government contractor
  • Executive Vice President for a national marketing company
  • Executive Director for a regional performing arts center

Board Services

  • Board seat for a software performance tools technology company
  • Expansion of a family-controlled board to include outside Directors for a top 100 engineering firm
  • Board seat for a federal technology services company
  • Board consultation project for an information technology company
  • Board seat for the United States division of an international nuclear energy company
  • Three board seats for an international applied economics consulting firm
  • Four of the nine independent directors for a NYSE listed diversified energy company

Our Consultants

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Brian McCormick
Executive Vice President
703.841.1700 x226