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In the podcast, The McCormick Group Senior Vice President lauded the DC region’s dedicated community service leaders and called for civic collaboration.

The McCormick Group’s Lyles Carr sat down with Andy Ockershausen for an episode of the local podcast “Our Town”, which features a wide variety of influencers who have had a major impact on the Washington, DC metro area. During the half hour episode, they discussed Lyles’ early life, Leadership Greater Washington, The McCormick Group, and the necessity for regional unity. In particular, Lyles advocated for “empower[ing] people to launch and sustain projects that benefit the community.”

To listen to the episode and view the transcript, click here.

OUR TOWN features a different personality/talent each episode. Andy Ockershausen’s experience, deep understanding, and knowledge of Washington, DC during the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as his close relationship with the guests, brings a unique perspective to their stories. Each podcast episode is a half hour, and new episodes are released Tuesdays and Thursdays, available at

To contact Lyles Carr, go to | Lyles Carr


The McCormick Group is a national executive search consulting firm that since 1974 has delivered high-qualified candidates to fill key positions across a diverse range of industries and all functional disciplines.

As the largest executive search firm based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, The McCormick Group has superior knowledge of federal Washington and its impact on the nation’s business community and non-profit sector.