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TMG’s Ivan Adler weighs in on John Boehner’s next steps after his resignation as House Speaker.

By Isaac Arnsdorf | September 25, 2015

With help from Anna Palmer, Cate Martel and Jesse Rifkin

BOEHNER BOWS OUT: Jake Sherman has the story that stunned Capitol Hill: “On Thursday evening as he left the Capitol, Boehner (R-Ohio) told two reporters — one from POLITICO and another from the Washington Post — that he had nothing left to accomplish after he brought Pope Francis to the Capitol. When asked if he was resigning, Boehner laughed before exiting into an awaiting SUV with his Capitol Police detail.”

What’s next for John? “The Speaker would be welcome with open arms on K Street,” recruiter Ivan Adler tells PI. “It would be a real coup for any firm to nab him. He is very client-friendly and has the perfect personality to be a first rate lobbyist.” As for his staff: “they have relationships with the whole caucus. Lobbying is still a relationship business and those staffers have the benefit of knowing everyone.” […]

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