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More than simply filling the position, our methodology places the emphasis on finding the right person for the job and the organization.

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Career Opportunities

Our unique methodology is focused on the interests of candidates throughout the evaluation and interview process.

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The McCormick Group advises employers on a variety of matters, including strategic planning, organizational development, diversity consulting, and strategic communications.

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Five Steps to Winning the Hiring Wars

Too many firms struggle with the hiring process, according to Steve Nelson in Attorney at Work. Here are five easy steps you can take to win the talent war. […]

TMG’s Take…on 4 Reasons Your Firm Isn’t Doing Succession Planning

Retiring Baby Boomers pose big challenges for law firms.  The aging-out of the generation, which began when the first baby boomers turned 65 in 2011, will affect most of Big Law. […]

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Ivan Adler on the Post-Election Future

The transition period between administrations comes with a hiring frenzy of officials and staff. What future can federal workers expect? How can nonprofits and lobbying firms fit into the new administration in light of the radical changes of ideology and policy? And who really benefits? […]

CEO Update Live advocacy forum reveals shifting strategies

“The president is going to have to turn to people who know Washington well.” Ivan Adler spoke at the CEO Update panel on the election and the future of association lobbying. […]