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TMG Consultant Nicolette Kuba Hurd discusses how to evaluate your value in today’s job market at UMD’s Smith School of Business EMBA panel.

‘What am I worth?’ is a question many candidates grapple with when looking at evolving new roles and opportunities. It’s a question amplified by historic changes that are sweeping through the workplace, driven by technology and other simultaneously overlapping and colliding transformative forces.

How do you assess and convey your value to prospective employers in times of agile work environments, when more and more roles are emerging that have not existed before?

On May 18, at the Smith School of Business EMBA panel at the Washington, DC Mayflower Hotel, current executives, representatives of HR, and executive recruiters discussed how to put career and life path choices in context to communicate value beyond current or past salaries, in the midst of ongoing corporate transformation and emerging changes in the work environment.


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