Understanding the Dynamics of Business Transformation

//Understanding the Dynamics of Business Transformation

Understanding the Dynamics of Business Transformation

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What Leaders Must Do To Adapt

Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies – Washington DC: The old is gone. The new is arriving, even if only recognizable in a foggy silhouette. Nicolette Kuba Hurd, consultant at The McCormick Group with a focus on digital and business transformation, spoke at Georgetown University for Continuing Studies about the implications for business, leadership, and management around the globe of one of the largest transformations in history.

Kuba Hurd gave an in-depth view of the interconnections and driving forces of ever more spheres of life and the resulting challenges for people and organizations. The presentation provided a framework of how to manage paradoxes in an organizational context. It also outlined what changes organizations must make to become self-adaptive, collaborative, and co-creative environments that serve people, purpose, and the greater whole.

Reframing the four pillars of business of the 20th century into the four new pillars of business of the 21st century — the discussion offered a substantially different worldview. One that enables integrating paradoxes and moving beyond an “either-or” linear thinking and management approach which can no longer solve today’s challenges.

Managing complexity mandates a completely different organizational design and requires a different understanding of leadership and new skills. These new skills pose a paradox at first sight, because they originate from a different realm – opposing the growing algorithm-based components that have become the new holy grail of business and are believed to drive business forward. But as the new world increasingly takes shape, we’re learning that the logical and the illogical, the measurable and the immeasurable together form a whole. Thus, people continue to be the decisive factor. Only by moving above the paradox, can integration truly happen.

Nicolette provided a glimpse into the workplace of the future, what to expect and ways to transform teams and managers into self-adaptive, self-managed, collaborative performers within self-regulatory, agile — and creative — organizations.

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