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“The key to filling an executive vacancy to the long-term benefit of both company and candidate is balance. The interests of the employer and the potential hire must be given equal weight. If the scales tip too heavily to one side, the match won’t last,” says William J. McCormick, CEO of The McCormick Group Inc., one of the nation’s leading executive search consulting firms.

McCormick believes the firm’s consistent recognition and success stem from its comprehensive methodology, intimate market knowledge, dissection of every opportunity and commitment to briefing all parties so they can accurately gauge their compatibility. “We’re very much a partner of both parties. We’re not out to simply make a deal. That would be a huge disservice to all involved. We aim to negotiate the right deal. When we know it isn’t the best match, we say so.”

A leader and innovator in the executive search profession since 1974, The McCormick Group conducts searches and provides related consulting services for clients throughout the United States and internationally. The firm’s experience includes engagements across a diverse range of industries and all functional disciplines. Headquartered in the Greater Washington, D.C., region, it has developed superior knowledge of the industries that are impacted by the federal government. In addition, its extensive involvement with the business and civic networks where they work and live gives the firm significant insight into the economy of the Washington area. This unique combination of expertise positions The McCormick Group as a top recruiter of talented professionals both locally and across the country.

Executive Matches That Last
McCormick is frank about the pitfalls of hiring without an exhaustive review of the market. “Going after the highest profile candidate doesn’t necessarily make for a good outcome. If the person in question does not share the company’s vision, he or she may do a fine job in the short run but not be committed for the longer term.” To guard against such occurrences, The McCormick Group stays wholly involved in the search and interview process from start to finish, up to and including compensation negotiations. Positioned squarely in the middle – in effect, advocating for both parties – the firm ensures both the opportunity and the candidate’s qualifications are fairly represented.

“Pie-in-the-sky promises serve neither the employer nor the candidate,” McCormick adds. “Everyone must enter the arrangement with eyes wide open. Our role is to make certain that happens.”

When Time Is of the Essence
No company can afford a lengthy vacancy in a top or strategic midlevel management position. Fortunately, McCormick Group clients can count on a comprehensive and rapid response. “Our methodology is at the heart of our ability to produce results faster than clients expect,” explains McCormick. “Our executive recruiters have a keen understanding of their markets. Concentrating on specific industries and disciplines, they bring in-depth knowledge to engagements and well-cultivated networks enable them to respond quickly and effectively to client requests. At the start of every search, we’re already a step ahead.”

The McCormick Group, Where Both Employers and Candidates Place their Trust – as appeared in Forbes Magazine Dec 2011.


The McCormick Group is a national executive search consulting firm that since 1974 has delivered high-qualified candidates to fill key positions across a diverse range of industries and all functional disciplines.

As the largest executive search firm based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, The McCormick Group has superior knowledge of federal Washington and its impact on the nation’s business community and non-profit sector.