Ivan Adler on the Post-Election Future

//Ivan Adler on the Post-Election Future

Ivan Adler on the Post-Election Future

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The transition period between administrations comes with a hiring frenzy of officials and staff. What future can federal workers expect? How can nonprofits and lobbying firms fit into the new administration in light of the radical changes of ideology and policy? And who really benefits?

The McCormick Group’s government relations recruiter and expert Ivan Adler has been featured on panels and interviewed by prominent journals such as The Hill, AP, The Washington Post, and CEO Update. Below is a collection of his most recent interviews on the post-election future.

It’s about to become a very busy time for K Street headhunters

Ivan Adler spoke to the Washington Post about the upcoming government affairs hiring rush – and why this one will be particularly frenzied. (Washington Post)

Lobbyists uncertain of their place in Trump’s Washington

How will K Street fit into the new administration in light of Trump’s harsh criticism during his campaign? Government relations recruiter Ivan Adler weighed in for The Hill. (The Hill)

Obama’s alumni-to-be contemplate life after the White House

Long-time staffers for President Obama’s White House face a new life and a jarring change after the White House, according to Ivan Adler. (AP)

CEO Update Live advocacy forum reveals shifting strategies

“The president is going to have to turn to people who know Washington well.” Ivan Adler spoke at the CEO Update panel on the election and the future of association lobbying. (CEO Update)

Big bucks await officials who take revolving door

Former EPA officials entering the private sector could expect to earn a sizable compensation, according to McCormick Group Principal Ivan Adler in Greenwire. (Greenwire)


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