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Three Thoughts On


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Cheryl specializes in executive searches for people who make things happen in areas of operations, business development, accounting, finance, and administration. Her tenacity and persistence make her particularly adept at difficult assignments. Cheryl demonstrates great insight into the needs of both employers and candidates, and uses those insights to drive mutually convenient solutions for both parties.

Working with a wide range of employers from global consulting firms, to public companies, to small businesses, Cheryl brings an understanding of the critical challenges facing each firm. Whether searching for a CEO, a vice president, a practice leader or a business developer, Cheryl identifies the compelling components of client opportunities and matches it to the interests of confidential candidates. She regularly represents candidates transitioning from government to the private sector, as well as key executives in the public sector market.

Cheryl came to The McCormick Group in 1999 after 15 years of experience in accounting and operations. She was an accounting systems consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. During the first administration of President Clinton, she served as Chief of Operations and Special Assistant to the Secretary at the United States Department of Energy. She was Regional Controller for Earle Palmer Brown and controller at several smaller advertising agencies.

She is the lead singer and songwriter for the band Mojo Hounds and is the proud grandmother of two girls and a boy.


Sample placements:

Chief Library Officer

$50 million company under new leadership
Recruited a credentialed librarian with a record for innovative programming and transformational leadership to lead 1,100 employees, serve as an industry thought leader, and strategize about new business development.

Energy Efficiency Business Development Managers

$4 Billion Utility/Energy Services Company
Recruited experienced business developers from key competitors to lead the company into expanded markets for distributed generation, CHP, microgrid, and solar projects.

Vice President, Risk Management

Fortune 100 technology Company in financial services industry
Recruited several people from outgoing Presidential administration to serve in key roles.


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