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How Chaffetz could get rich on K Street

” [Rep. Jason Chaffetz] will be a good rainmaker for K Street,” says GR recruiter Ivan Adler to The Hill. That position “combined with some media work and boards, will give him the lifestyle he wants.” [...]

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Lobbyists adjust to Trump’s new rules

A new executive order restricting the lobbying efforts of political appointees is unlikely to deter lobbyists from joining the administration, according to government affairs recruiter Ivan Adler. […]

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Lobbyists uncertain of their place in Trump’s Washington

How will K Street fit into the new administration in light of Trump’s harsh criticism during his campaign? Government relations recruiter Ivan Adler weighed in for The Hill. […]

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Finding a new job just got more complicated for federal employees

How do the new ethics rules affect employers looking to hire federal employees? The Hill interviewed Ivan Adler for advice. […]

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John Boehner Joins Lobbying Firm

TMG government affairs expert Ivan Adler weighs in on former Speaker John Boehner joining Squire Patton Boggs. […]

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Line Blurs Between PR, Lobbying

The McCormick Group’s Ivan Adler discusses the disappearing line between lobbying and public relations in an article by The Hill. […]

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Feds Shelling Out Billions to Public Relations Firms

McCormick Group Principal Ivan Adler speaks to The Hill about government spending on public relations firms. […]

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K Street Bullish on McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy is the favorite to become the new Speaker of the House, but who stands to gain from it? TMG’s Ivan Adler discusses K Street ties in The Hill. […]

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Lobbyists Decamp for Capitol Hill Jobs

TMG Principal Ivan Adler was quoted in The Hill on why lobbyists are trading in higher salaries and cushier jobs to work for Congress. […]

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At K Street’s No. 1 Lobby Shop, Ties to Clinton Run Deep

The Hill interviewed McCormick Group Principal Ivan Adler on Akin Gump’s connection to Hillary Clinton. […]

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