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TMG’s Take…on the Changing Battlefield for Government Relations

The world of influence continues to change. With constant gridlock in Congress, battles once fought through a single, Hill-focused campaign are now being contested in a much wider playing field. […]

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Counter chaos by boosting advocacy efforts

“You really need to dig your well before you’re thirsty.” Continuing to wait before making hiring decisions is a mistake, according to Ivan Adler, who spoke on a CEO Update panel. […]

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Lobbyists represent your interests, whether you know it or not

In an interview with Federal News Radio, TMG’s Ivan Adler makes a case for the importance of advocacy – despite its bad reputation. […]

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In Washington, lobbying is an unappreciated economy opportunity

Advocacy benefits citizens, says Ivan Adler to The Washington Post. “If you have a job, own a home, or a car or even have a pet, you have somebody in Washington representing your interests.” […]

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How Chaffetz could get rich on K Street

” [Rep. Jason Chaffetz] will be a good rainmaker for K Street,” says GR recruiter Ivan Adler to The Hill. That position “combined with some media work and boards, will give him the lifestyle he wants.” [...]

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Checks and Balance: Return of the ‘Swamp’ People

“The welcome sign is on for lobbyists in this administration,” says lobbying recruiter Ivan Adler for CQ Magazine. […]

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Uncertainty at White House dampens association hiring

“There is uncertainty on what the policies are going to be and what they are going to do,” says TMG’s Ivan Adler for CEO Update. […]

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TMG Places Prominent Public Relations Leader with Hogan Lovells

The McCormick Group is pleased to have assisted in the placement of Mark Irion as Senior Advisor with Hogan Lovells. […]

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More holes in the lobbying ban

Ivan Adler and John Hesse were quoted on lobbying strategy and regulations in Politico Influence. […]

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Lobbyists adjust to Trump’s new rules

A new executive order restricting the lobbying efforts of political appointees is unlikely to deter lobbyists from joining the administration, according to government affairs recruiter Ivan Adler. […]

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