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Making sense of dizzying change: TMG consultant Nicolette Kuba Hurd discussed global management and business transformation at the Georgetown Center for Continuing & Professional Education.

Unprecedented change is simultaneously occurring on every level of our existence – organizational, political, cultural, social, environmental, economic, religious and on the personal level itself — dissolving the lines of how we work, manage, perform, function and live.

Markets and organizations are confronted with monumental change. This puts management in the hot seat and adds never before encountered complexity.  Overlapping and colliding changes affect organizations to the core. Businesses are not only dealing with a shift from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy, leading focus from external to internal, but a technological evolution that is transforming how work gets done coupled with an inner evolution of the human being that is changing the very essence of work itself and the people who do it. A world operating on linear thinking is suddenly confronted with a non-linear world of complexity. As a result, organizations must adapt and transform or perish.

On February 24th, Nicolette Kuba Hurd spoke about ways to manage hyper-complexity and uncertainty in organizations when not only are the paradigms changing, but how we perceive the paradigms as well. What does the organizational horizon look like when the very practice of management no longer works? How does this affect organizational structures, talent and performance? And reframe the pillars of business?

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