The McCormick Group Presents Succession Planning Webinar for NALP

//The McCormick Group Presents Succession Planning Webinar for NALP

The McCormick Group Presents Succession Planning Webinar for NALP

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In a webinar for the NALP, Principal Andi Cullins and Managing Principal Steve Nelson presented Succession Planning in Law Firms, which explored the ways firms should think about the critical issue of the aging-out of the Baby Boomer generation. The webinar, which was held on Thursday, December 8, was attended by more than 80 people.

The challenge presented to law firms by retiring partners is of such wide-spread concern that The American Lawyer devoted the September 2016 edition to what author Julie Triedman calls “the graying of The Am Law 200”. Baby Boomers Pose Big Challenges for Firms delves into the aging-out of the generation, which began when the first baby boomers turned 65 in 2011. Today, too few law firms have looked critically at succession planning or what happens when critical partners who are moving quickly toward retirement, don’t have any viable “heir-apparents” within the firm.

Steve Nelson and Andi Cullins have spoken previously about this issue in the thinkpiece TMG’s Take…on 4 Reasons Your Firm Isn’t Doing Succession Planning and PLI webinar Succession Planning for Law Firms – The Future is Now!

To contact Steve Nelson, go to | Steve Nelson

To contact Andi Cullins, go to | Andi Cullins

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