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Legal Managing Principal Steve Nelson penned an article on the new Massachusetts salary law and how it could influence hiring at law firms.

By Steve Nelson | November 30, 2016

Earlier this year, Massachusetts passed a groundbreaking law prohibiting employers from requesting information about candidates’ salaries during the recruiting process.

That provision was enacted to prevent perpetuation of race and sex discrimination due to historically lower salaries assigned to women and minorities.

While the Massachusetts law doesn’t go into effect until July 2018, its impact has already reverberated throughout the country, as several other jurisdictions (including the cities of New York and Philadelphia) have separately initiated legislation on the same topic. Many others are sure to follow. The law has also raised eyebrows in human resources departments, which historically have been on the front lines of preventing sex and race discrimination, but which also invariably demand current salary information from job applicants.

Experts are attempting to determine the impact of the law. Here are some initial thoughts, particularly geared to the legal industry […]

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