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Lyles Carr

You want something done in Washington? Call Lyles Carr. He’s probably one of the best connected executives in town. He helps lead the executive search firm The McCormick Group Inc. by day and by night he serves as mentor, adviser and counselor to just about anyone who needs it. Carr serves on numerous boards — too many to mention here — but he’s upped his game this year, working with an organization he previously chaired, Leadership Greater Washington, to expand its reach and recruit the best class members possible. He’s gotten a slew of recognition for his work, including being named volunteer of the year in 2008 by the Greater Washington Board of Trade and Washingtonian of the year in 2002 by Washingtonian magazine. And he’s just about one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

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The McCormick Group is a national executive search consulting firm that since 1974 has delivered high-qualified candidates to fill key positions across a diverse range of industries and all functional disciplines.

As the largest executive search firm based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, The McCormick Group has superior knowledge of federal Washington and its impact on the nation’s business community and non-profit sector.