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TMG’s Take…on the Decline of the Portable Business Model

Law firms sticking to the old “portable business” ratios in evaluating lateral partners find themselves losing ground. […]

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TMG’s Take…on the Changing Battlefield for Government Relations

The world of influence continues to change. With constant gridlock in Congress, battles once fought through a single, Hill-focused campaign are now being contested in a much wider playing field. […]

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How to Win the War for Lateral Talent

Hiring the best lateral talent is a key component to law firm success, according to Steve Nelson. In an article penned for Attorney at Work, he outlines the 5 most important strategies. […]

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Midsize Firms Are Touting Efficiency, But They’re Not Hiring Efficiency Experts

In a guest post penned for 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, Managing Principal Steve Nelson asserts that midsize law firms are failing at efficiency – and increasingly facing pressure “from above and below”. […]

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TMG’s Take…on Lawyer Business Plans

Business plans are now an essential part of a lateral partner hire. In this TMG’s Take, Steve Nelson outlines the business plan changes that candidates should pay attention to. […]

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Five Keys to Law Firm Success in Today’s Competitive Market

Managing Principal Steve Nelson spoke to the DC Bar’s Washington Lawyer on the top issues that law firms face – and how to fix them. […]

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TMG’s Take…On Lateral Movement and “Chambers”

An exclusive study conducted by The McCormick Group reveals a significant increase in the number of Washington, D.C.-based Chambers-rated lawyers that switched firms in 2016. […]

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5 Major Workforce Trends of 2017

What major trends will affect companies and the workforce in the future? In this McCormick Group presentation, we report on the future of hiring and employment, what subject matter experts are saying, and how companies can recruit and retain the best employees. […]

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Massachusetts Law to Have Major Impact on Law Firm Recruiting

Legal Managing Principal Steve Nelson penned an article on the new Massachusetts salary law and how it could influence hiring at law firms. […]

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Five Steps to Winning the Hiring Wars

Too many firms struggle with the hiring process, according to Steve Nelson in Attorney at Work. Here are five easy steps you can take to win the talent war. […]

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